L.O.C. Holl It Down! The Keys to Moisture

If you hadn’t noticed, the weather is changing. The sun has become a bad party guest with it’s day light saving tendencies to arrive late and leave early. And with that, we get colder temperatures and drier hair. Whether your hair is naturally curly or processed straight, the colder weather can have an affect on your strands making you prone to dryness, breakage, unhappy hair.

What to do?! What to do?!

Well braving three winters of cold with my super thirsty coils I have FINALLY found a foolproof way to combat the dryness. But pay close attention, because this method can be adapted and added to both your summer and winter regimen.

The L.O.C. method stands for




If you apply this method with products designed to optimally penetrate your strands porosity level then a few things should happen. You’ll find that your styles will last longer, be more defined, and feel more moisturized.

In case you were curious, my hair’s favorite L.O.C. combo is:


(yep, plain old h2o distributed in a spray bottle before styling)

O-coconut and castor are my oils 

(for summer I drop the castor oil but its heavy nature is great for locking in moisture during these colder months)

C-  100% natural Shea butter to top it all off

 (most people think Shea butter is a moisturizer but it actually serves as  a sealant along with the castor oil to stop the moisture you just   deposited from escaping in the wind)

Rationale: I layer the coconut oil first, then castor oil, because coconut oil is actually the only oil with molecules small enough to penetrate your hair’s cuticle. Therefore, it too serves as a bit of a moisturizer while the castor and Shea work together as sealants.

Feel free to tell me what combination’s you’ve tried. Have they worked? Not so much? Leave me a comment because I’d love to know!

Be Strong. Be Haute. Be You.



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