| Beyoncé 2015 Met Gala | Why Styling = Art

beyonce met gala 2015 blaque coffee fashion blog
She came, she saw, she slayed. It’s just that simple.
Or is it?
Lots of people see red carpet outfits and assume that a stylist sat at every NYFW show and maybe some international ones too, watching intently, taking note of all the pieces with potential. Only to pull out these notes as reference once a client has a big event to attend.
But I contest that styling, at it’s best, is more of an art form. Maybe even a science if you will. It involves knowing your client, and combining clothes, makeup, hair, and accessories to communicate a message. Fashion is art, obviously. But the art of styling comes in when stylists are able to tell stories with their work, making what they do believable on the people who wear it.
Case No. 7381738 – Beyoncé at the 2015 Met Gala:
As you can see, her look was inspired by the classic Eddie Murphy film Coming to America. A genius idea that, with a few minor tweaks, could have been executed flawlessly.
Now first, the nudity level is a matter of opinion and comfortability. I personally would’ve wanted a bit more coverage for the lower half but Queen Bey clearly felt comfortable showing more skin and she definitely has the body for it. But can we talk about her hair for a minute?
The ponytail worn by actress Vanessa Bell Calloway was a high pony centered in the middle of her head. Beyoncé’s extremely high side pony gave off a slight cone head vibe and aired more on the side of “round the way girl” instead “girl in training to marry the prince”.  For consistency’s sake I would have ditched the metal rings attached to the pony tail but kept it’s original placement. I do like the lack of thickness in her ponytail and the drop curl it falls into. The makeup and minimal accessories were genius because it allowed the dress to make a statement of its own.
All things considered, I think Beyoncé’s custom Givenchy gown was a hit and the overall concept was great. Her stylist gave just the right amount of sophistiratchet to match her natural demeanor and Houston roots. I do wish Jay-Z’s stylist would have committed to the theme and given us the hat and shoulder fur. Granted, this would have been a bit more costumey but hey, it is the Met Costume Ball. I say if you’re going to do it, go all the way!
What do you think? Was this sparkly, sheer fit a hit or miss? Sound off on IG @blaqcoffeeblog and let me know how you felt!
Be strong. Be haute. Be you.

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