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Hi Power, High Fashion: J.Cole/K. Dot Served Fresh Tee

served fresh j. cole kendrick lamar hi power shirt blaque coffee blog

More online retail therapy, yay!

I recently ordered a tee from Served Fresh and was super excited when this came in the mail. It arrived about a week and a half after my initial order and thankfully I caught it during their introductory sale for $35.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a big t-shirt gal and I’m usually pretty frugal when it comes to fashion. However, this piece spoke to me because it has my two all-time favorite rappers on it and well, what more does it need?

I figure it was a smart business move purchasing the top before their colab album that we’ve all been waiting for drops mysteriously in the night(can you tell I’m ready?) But until then, I’ll be anxiously awaiting.

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Inversion Method Experiment: Update #1

Black and white blaque coffee blog Taylor M. Holmes

Okay, so remember how I told you all about me flipping my head upside down every day for four minutes at a time? If you haven’t read my  post on trying the inversion method, check it out.

I’m back with an initial update but, unfortunately, it’s not chalked full of results. Now this isn’t to say that the inversion method doesn’t work just that I’ve had a few complications thus far.

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The Secret to Fleeky Curls? Miss Jessie’s Natural Hair Product Reviews

Miss Jessies product review blaque coffee blog

I’ve hit a magical family windfall and since have acquired not one, not two, but THREE new Miss Jessie’s natural hair products!!

Okay, so there was no windfall or great aunt who passed down her pricy hair product collection. But I have acquired a few jars of the ever popular products and am working on a few detailed reviews for you all on exactly how they perform in my twisted, curly, coily head of hair.

The three products that I have are the Curly Meringue, the  Stretch Silkening Creme, and the Curly ButterCreme. These stylers range in price from $32-$38 which is why I’ve never used them. I have however, had experience with a few other Miss Jessie product samples and let’s just say I wasn’t sold based on the results. My first impressions are that though the smells are nice, the ingredients and price tag just don’t seem worth it.

But, for you all, I will test the waters again and come back with a conclusion. The last thing I need in the weeks leading up to my birthday- October 14th 🙂 is greasy, dry, tangled hair! If you have any experience with these products or tips/tricks for using them successfully please comment and let me know or tag me in your results @blaquecoffee using #blaquecoffee.


Be strong. Be haute. Be you.




Colorism, Slave Mentality, & Profanity; 2015 Rap Culture


Older generations often scoff at the rap genre for its audacious lyrics, gaudy music videos, and affinity for exploiting and degrading women. For years, money, women, and material things have bombarded the radio waves connecting both minorities and Whites to the struggles of inner city artists. These artists put pen to pad and boast in the booths about their trials, tribulations, and uprisings to fame (often flaunting record label money that doesn’t really belong to them). But within the flashy pool of Soulja Boys and Waka Flockas swim a few true lyricists who make a conscious decision to stand for something. These rappers step out of the box, offering the occasional introspective, culturally sensitive and socially conscious verse to wake us up and bring us back to the here and now.

So what about the here and now? Monday J. Cole released the music video to G.O.M.D., a popular track from his most recent release, 2015 Forest Hills Drive. Lyrically, the song flaunts a pretty typical rap song skeleton. But between the crude language Cole pokes fun at the Lil Jon throwback Get Low and addresses the lack of substance within the most popular lyrics these days.

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One Week, One Inch- Super Natural Hair Growth?

superwoman natural blaque coffee blog

No my hair has not grown a cape and magically become a supernatural comic book character. But, I’m hoping to get results as though this were the case.

I’ve been natural for almost four years now and it’s been a great, marvelously frustrating and beautiful adventure of self discovery. It’s easy to allow your hair to consume you when  you’re a naturalista. You can’t even go to the grocery store without wondering if everything from mayonnaise to cooking oils will help you retain length and reach your goal of being the Black Rapunzel.

Well, after plenty hair setbacks, large and small, I’m still discovering what my hair does and does not like. Every day I learn more on how to best care for it to receive the results that I’m looking for. And so, after experimenting with braids, weaves, and wigs as protective styles, using everything under the sun to trap moisture into my old and ashy ends, and taking biotin pills that made me look like a werewolf….I’ve got another trick up my sleeve.

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