One Week, One Inch- Super Natural Hair Growth?

superwoman natural blaque coffee blog

No my hair has not grown a cape and magically become a supernatural comic book character. But, I’m hoping to get results as though this were the case.

I’ve been natural for almost four years now and it’s been a great, marvelously frustrating and beautiful adventure of self discovery. It’s easy to allow your hair to consume you when  you’re a naturalista. You can’t even go to the grocery store without wondering if everything from mayonnaise to cooking oils will help you retain length and reach your goal of being the Black Rapunzel.

Well, after plenty hair setbacks, large and small, I’m still discovering what my hair does and does not like. Every day I learn more on how to best care for it to receive the results that I’m looking for. And so, after experimenting with braids, weaves, and wigs as protective styles, using everything under the sun to trap moisture into my old and ashy ends, and taking biotin pills that made me look like a werewolf….I’ve got another trick up my sleeve.

My goal is to have thick, healthy, mid-back length natural hair. My hair grows pretty quickly but now that I’ve passed shoulder length and have hair that almost grazes BSL (bra strap length) I’m experiencing single strand knots, tangles, and split ends that continuously diminish my progress. So for my next trick, the inversion method!

Inversion method blaque coffee blog

No, I won’t be walking around on my hands all day or flipping every so gracefully upside down like this beauty.

Instead, I’ll simply follow these steps:

  • Massage my scalp for about 4-5 minutes every day. I’ll try to do this with warm oil (as recommended) but can’t promise consistency with that since my hair does get product build up pretty easily
  • Set the timer on my iPhone for 4 minutes
  • Sit in a chair with my head down between my knees or lay off the edge of my bed with my head touching the floor until the timer sounds
  • Return to my regularly scheduled programming 

There’s science behind this method that has proven to help women have faster hair growth if the steps are done properly once a month for 7 days in a row. Basically, doing this stimulates the hair follicle and encourages more blood flow to the scalp which can result in faster hair growth. It does not work for everyone but I’ll be giving it a try and once I’ve got some results you all will be the first to know!

Have you tried this method with positive/negative ? Let me know if you’ve got some tips or updates that I should know or tag me a photo of your results at @blaqcoffeeblog #blaquecoffee on IG  =]

Be strong. Be haute. Be you. 


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