Inversion Method Experiment: Update #1

Black and white blaque coffee blog Taylor M. Holmes

Okay, so remember how I told you all about me flipping my head upside down every day for four minutes at a time? If you haven’t read my  post on trying the inversion method, check it out.

I’m back with an initial update but, unfortunately, it’s not chalked full of results. Now this isn’t to say that the inversion method doesn’t work just that I’ve had a few complications thus far.

Issue 1: Dizziness= Death

Okay so maybe that’s a tad dramatic. And I can’t contribute this solely to the inversion method because I’ve been slacking on the water consumption and haven’t been taking my vitamins like I should. But I’ve had several dizzy spells in the past week and let’s just say those aren’t fun.

Issue 2: I just bought new cutting sheers.

Great in theory, horrible for my inversion update. When I first started snipping my knots and split ends I felt empowered. Knotless After I thought I’d cut them all, I measured to start the inversion experiment. Since that day, I’ve snipped in my hair just about everyday. I’ve since hidden the scissors from myself but, I can’t accurately measure progress since I’ve been dusting my ends a bit too often.

Issue 3: I disregarded the timeline.

Yea, I know *hangs head in shame* I was dusting my ends so often and trying to get an accurate account of growth that if I missed a day I’d just start over. So I was actually trying the inversion method for about 15 days in the past month instead of the recommended seven.  This longer than suggested follow through is probably another reason I was getting so dizzy.


Needless to say this month was a fail. But I’m not giving up just yet! October is right around the corner and I’ll be trying again, this time while following the rules and trying to be a bit more consistent.

Bare with me and please oh please let me know if you’ve got any suggestions. Until update #2…

Be strong. Be haute. Be you.



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