Spring Into Fall #ManiMonday

Yes, it’s finally fall.

That means auburn changing trees, chilly winds, and dark vampy colors….right?

I’ve actually been loving the idea of living on the wild side and wearing a few of these spring-like colors even though fall is well under way.  I decided to purchase a few muted, nude, and neutral shades by Essie because I’d heard great things about their brand and after trying all three I can finally let you all know what I think.

For a long while I had converted to a shellac/gel polish fanatic. But, with a budget to be conscious of I decided to give the salons a break and try out a brand I’d heard was long lasting, Essie.

I hate chipped polish. No really, it’s really deplorable.

And before my salon habit I’d been purchasing my regular polish at my local beauty supply and where ever else I could find cute colors at low prices. But, they didn’t last longer than two days without chipping. So, I didn’t have high hopes for these $8 polishes but hey, $8/bottle < $30/mani.

I can honestly say that after two coats of the color and this lovely Sally Hansen insta-dry top coat, I’ve gotten 6+ days no chips.  Now, that may not seem like a lot compared to the two weeks no chips that gel polish boasts, but my nails are pretty long and I’m not the best at preserving the polish so six days was a cause for partying in my book. I’ve started to make time for polishing my nails every Sunday evening and it’s great to have a polish combo that can keep me virtually chip free for a week.

Essie lilacism, master plan, lady like, sally hansen top coat, blaque coffee Essie lilacism, master plan, lady like, sally hansen top coat, blaque coffee Essie lilacism, master plan, lady like, sally hansen top coat, blaque coffee

The Essie colors I’ve been rocking this fall are: Lilacism, Master Plan, and Lady Like. I bought them from Target for $8 a piece but, I’ve since found that stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls carry the older season polishes for more than half the price so check that out. Also be sure to tag #blaquecoffee blog in your #manimonday photos so I can see what polishes you’re rocking this fall!


Be strong. Be haute. Be you.


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