How-To: DIY Shredded Jeans

Shredded jeans Taylor M. Holmes blaque coffee blog

I love a good thrifted jean, so when I found these high waist Calvin Klein jeans for $8 I couldn’t wait to make them my own.

Knowing that shredded/distressed jeans were a staple piece missing from my closet I knew that’s what I’d want to do with the jeans once I bought them. But, instead of the normal, shredded front, I decided to try cutting up the side for a more unique look.

Things I used:

  • good strong scissors (these pants were pretty thick)
  • tweezers

What to do:

  1. cut strips into jeans, even or varied with apart
  2. wash and dry the jeans so that the thread can fray and loosen from the spinning and washing
  3. once washed/dried a lot of the distressing should be done for you
  4. use tweezers to pull out some of the leftover blue thread that is latticed between the white to shred them even further

Thrift ripped jean DIY step 1 taylor M. Holmes Blaque Coffee Blog

IMG_1189Thrift ripped jean DIY width close view taylor M. Holmes Blaque Coffee Blog



You could also try this method which is a bit different from what I did but could provide a cool aesthetic as well.

Shredded distressed jeans before and after diy blaque coffee blog taylor m. holmes

Remember to have fun with it and be prepared for a good amount of air flow if you decide to wear these in any weather below 60 degrees.


Be strong. Be haute. Be you.


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