Entertainment or Art? Socially Conscious TV

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We laugh. We cry. We think. We talk, all about that primetime show that had us glued to our televisions, hanging on to their story lines and neglecting our responsibilities. Right?


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Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Black Owned Businesses to Support

Black Owned Holiday Gift Guide 2015 blaque coffee blog

myavana hair co blaque coffee blog

1. Myavana 

This company offers services I didn’t even know that I needed. But, if you or a friend have just started transitioning or can’t seem to reach that length goal. This company can take the guess work out of it! They’ll give your strands a microscopic check up, recommend products, and even give you day to day care tips. I say pay for the knowledge now instead of paying for the so-so hair stylist or tangly tracks later!

Peace Images Jewelry blaque coffee blog

2. Peace Images Jewelry

This site has some beautiful pieces of jewelry at great prices. All the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are handcrafted and delivered with a mixtape curated by Peace.

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3. Shea Moisture

If you or your naturalista friend has yet to try Shea Moisture’s Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie or the Raw Shea Butter Masque Deep Treatment  then you are really missing out. Both of these products are amazing for most hair types and would make a great gift for transitioning or veteran curly girls alike.

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Are you mad? Ayesha Curry Comments

ayesha-steph wedding photo

*Cue Drake lyrics* ….Check’em for a wire or an earpiece, please.

Everyone and their mama has been buzzing about Ayesha Curry’s recent twitter statements on current fashion trends. If you’re not familiar, wife of currently undefeated, Golden State Warrior player Stephen Curry, shared a few tweets that got people talking. This photo was taken directly from her Twitter account, read from the bottom up. Ayesha Curry Tweets Twitter blaque coffee blog

Now, she isn’t sharing an opinion that’s brand new or that hasn’t been expressed before. But backlash quickly appeared when people began saying her comments were a form of slut shamming.

I subscribe to the school of thought that says, if the opinion isn’t harming you, then don’t worry about it. So when people started digging up photos of Ayesha where she was wearing less than normal and saying her comments shame women’s choice to wear what they please I was shocked.

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Schleep Chique: A Guide to Style On The Go!

We all have our days where getting dressed is not the number one priority and the list of to-do’s extends past making sure you’re perfectly coordinated. But have no fear, with this guide and a few simple staple accessories you can fly out the door looking fly!

Schleep Chique Basics:

Dark Bold Lip: Mac colors such as Cyber, Stunner, & Living Legend are super important for maintaining a polished look amidst chaos. If you throw any of these colors in your bag it won’t matter how deep the bags are beneath your eyes, people won’t be able to take their eyes off your luscious lips!

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Oh Pore you! How Porosity Affects Your Curls

how porous is my hair porosity test

Pore you! Pore me!

So I am a recovering PJ (product junkie) and ever since I cut my relaxed ends and exposed to totally natural strands three years ago I have been HUNTING for products that make my hair happy.

I know, it sounds weird. But your hair will tell you when it’s not happy!

When first starting my journey I thought that all my product decisions should be based on the hair typing system. No, I don’t mean your mom’s good hair/bad hair stipulations. But after many fruitless product purchases and failed styling attempts I finally learned, curl pattern classification does NOT determine what products will work for you, hair porosity does!

*Cue melodic choir and gleaming light of glory*

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