Schleep Chique: A Guide to Style On The Go!

We all have our days where getting dressed is not the number one priority and the list of to-do’s extends past making sure you’re perfectly coordinated. But have no fear, with this guide and a few simple staple accessories you can fly out the door looking fly!

Schleep Chique Basics:

Dark Bold Lip: Mac colors such as Cyber, Stunner, & Living Legend are super important for maintaining a polished look amidst chaos. If you throw any of these colors in your bag it won’t matter how deep the bags are beneath your eyes, people won’t be able to take their eyes off your luscious lips!

Statement Coat: If you have not gotten someone’s cool grandmother’s coat from a second-hand shop yet I’m not sure what rock you’ve been hiding under, but it’s the wave of the future, so do better! A visit to your local salvation army or upscale resale shop can yield amazing results in the form of a great wool Lord & Taylor trench or a vintage patterned cape from Bergdorf’s. These coats are perfect for sleepy days because they keep you warm and can cover all. Just in case you can’t get your outfit together beneath the coat, it can do the fashion work for you!

Chunky Scarf: As mentioned in my Holiday Travel: Dos & Don’ts, infinity scarves are great because they keep your neck warm and add an element of color to your otherwise monochromatic look. Try one, you won’t be sorry.

Basic Top: Graphic tees can be juvenile but on those days when you’re super tired and you may not be that energetic ball of joy people are used to encountering, adding a little personality in your outfit is perfectly okay. Loose fitting hoodies, baby tees, and long sleeve crop tops give you the option of layering and not having to fiddle with making sure your tight top isn’t creeping up to expose more skin then you intended. See where I got my J. Cole and K. Dot tee here.

Cozy Pants: A crushed velvet legging, comfy cargo, or leather jogger is perfect to keep you warm and comfortable while you’re running errands, taking exams, and being a woman about town.

Classic Boot & Comfy Sock: The cozy pants are complimented by a classic boot such as a camo Dr. Marten, simple leather ankle bootie, or Brooklyn butter Timberland because you can pound the pavement and weather the cold without numb, uncomfortable toes. I especially love these looks with a chunky sock scrunched at the ankle.

Must Haves For All Three Looks: 

Pharrell Hat: Cover your hair, it’s bad. And that’s okay. Top off your doo with this lid and hide out until you find the time to get it together. No one will ever know!

Sunglasses & Fashion Frames: This one should be a no brainer, sleep deprivation creates under eye bags big enough to pack a lunch in. And if you’re super busy, taking time to conceal without over applying and looking cakey is not an option either. So keep both a pair of celebrity-iris-hiders and a large fashion frame (or your real spectacles) to help hide the bags while giving you that teacher’s pet vibe balanced out by your bold lip color.

Big Leather Bag: If you’re still studying for finals then this black leather backpack is perfect. If you’re running errands and making moves, this leather backpack is perfect. Basically, this leather backpack is perfect.

I hope this was this helpful to helping you stay stylish on those days when you’d much rather be asleep! If so, tell a friend or take a cool picture hash tagged with #SchleepChique so I can see your version!

Be Strong. Be Haute. Be You.


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