Are you mad? Ayesha Curry Comments

ayesha-steph wedding photo

*Cue Drake lyrics* ….Check’em for a wire or an earpiece, please.

Everyone and their mama has been buzzing about Ayesha Curry’s recent twitter statements on current fashion trends. If you’re not familiar, wife of currently undefeated, Golden State Warrior player Stephen Curry, shared a few tweets that got people talking. This photo was taken directly from her Twitter account, read from the bottom up. Ayesha Curry Tweets Twitter blaque coffee blog

Now, she isn’t sharing an opinion that’s brand new or that hasn’t been expressed before. But backlash quickly appeared when people began saying her comments were a form of slut shamming.

I subscribe to the school of thought that says, if the opinion isn’t harming you, then don’t worry about it. So when people started digging up photos of Ayesha where she was wearing less than normal and saying her comments shame women’s choice to wear what they please I was shocked.

I’m sorry, but are we reading the same tweets?!?

Not once did she say, “You all need to cover up more.” or “I can’t believe how so called ladies dress these days, try some class.” These are offensive statements that I could see causing some fuss.

ayesha curry steph meme

But when a married woman claims that she prefers more over less in the fabric department, why let that upset you? Choosing classy over trendy is like saying I prefer nude pumps over sneaker heels and well, why on earth would not support anyone who makes that decision?

Everyone isn’t going to like what you wear, whether it’s a turtleneck or a corset. And if someone tweeted, “Man I hate high neck sweaters, give me a deep v-neck over that any day!”  people would be shouting from the rooftops about her right to be free.

Whether you want your buttons to come up to your chin or not to come up any higher than your navel, it’s your choice. People will gather opinions about you regardless. They make think you’re boring, or maybe they’ll think your loose but THEY are entitled to their opinion just as you are entitled to yours. Just remember that every fashion choice you make is building your brand.

ayesha curry hoe tears

I personally don’t suggest the less as more route because of the attention and opinions it welcomes. Sexy is fun, but if you’re going that route to feel better about yourself or don’t think you’re sexy unless Ray Ray ‘nem tell you so then, it makes me worry. In a time where the media paints women as over sexualized, underdressed, and objectified pawns on the male pleasing chessboard, I think it’s refreshing to know that some still see classy as a compliment.

But, if you were offended by Ayesha Curry and her tweets then, ask yourself why? Why does someone else and their fashion preference mean so much to you? Eh?

Let me know your thoughts!

Be strong. Be haute. Be you.


One thought on “Are you mad? Ayesha Curry Comments

  1. Samantha says:

    I don’t think there is an issue with what she is saying up until “and all I’m doing is sitting here reading a style weekly. You guys definitely entertain me that’s for sure. ” That is a judgement. Especially after saying “I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matter.” It may have been indirect but what she said was…I keep myself covered for my husband, he can be entertained by my body. Which is understandable, but if you are looking at a style magazine what could possibly be in there that is so exposed or entertaining. Some legs? Idk. I feel like it was judgemental and that it may not have been outright stating anything but there was an undertone. She didn’t speak before she thought. She wrote how she felt. And to me it sounds like she was shaming women for showing more than her. As if she knew the right way and they were doing it wrong. And also, my body is not for anyone’s entertainment. If I decide I want to wear something, it is because I think it looks good. Not for someone else’s enjoyment. I find it downright disrespectful that she referred to someone’s body as “entertaining.”


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