Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Black Owned Businesses to Support

Black Owned Holiday Gift Guide 2015 blaque coffee blog

myavana hair co blaque coffee blog

1. Myavana 

This company offers services I didn’t even know that I needed. But, if you or a friend have just started transitioning or can’t seem to reach that length goal. This company can take the guess work out of it! They’ll give your strands a microscopic check up, recommend products, and even give you day to day care tips. I say pay for the knowledge now instead of paying for the so-so hair stylist or tangly tracks later!

Peace Images Jewelry blaque coffee blog

2. Peace Images Jewelry

This site has some beautiful pieces of jewelry at great prices. All the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are handcrafted and delivered with a mixtape curated by Peace.

shea moisture blaque coffee blog

3. Shea Moisture

If you or your naturalista friend has yet to try Shea Moisture’s Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie or the Raw Shea Butter Masque Deep Treatment  then you are really missing out. Both of these products are amazing for most hair types and would make a great gift for transitioning or veteran curly girls alike.

gloss rags stay woke blaque coffee blog

4. Gloss Rags

This brand has socially conscious street wear for men and women. They vow to fight amnesia by helping people “stay woke”.  The company highlights the stories of fallen Blacks and plans to use the money for advancing the movement, which they know is much bigger than a t-shirt.

Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Set Blaque Coffee Blog

5.  Eden BodyWorks

Launched by a 13 yr. old girl, this is another great company that offers a range of hair and body products that can be great for men and women. I love the Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner and recently one of my friends rocking a tapered TWA loved it as a daily curl refresher. So, if you’ve got a boo who’s growing out his hair but needs a little help getting his curls as poppin as yours, give this and the Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil a try. His scalp and curls with thank you.

nubian skin blaque coffee blog

6.  Nubian Skin

I recently purchased a pair of their cinnamon lace shorts and I LOVE them! The company specializes in a new hue of nude lingerie and hosiery are running a few sales for the holidays and would make a great gift for the Nubian woman in your life!

dopeciety bag blaque coffee blog

7. Dopeciety

This company features trendy and conscious online fashion for men and women. They’ve even got jewelry and accessories!

Made In. tee blaque coffee blog

8.  Made In.

Another unisex fashion retailer with a heart, after meeting the owners at an event in November I couldn’t resist adding them to the list. They make shirts for different US states as well as other countries/continents. Not to mention their social mission is to help orphaned children gain educational resources.

fab financial planner blaque coffee blog

9. My Fab Finance

Tonya Rapley offers a plethora of financial free advice and services on her site. But this financial planner is just the gift if you or your girls need to GET YOUR LIVES together in 2016! Because being financially stable is always in style.

House of mandela wine

10. Heritage Link Brands

Wine?! Yep. Wine. Heritage Link Brands offers distinctive goods from around the world. The company is best known for its internationally renowned, award-winning wines from indigenous, previously disenfranchised producers. You can find their wine brands: House of Mandela, Seven Sisters, M’ Hudi, One World, & Casa Valduga in places like Whole Foods, Walmart, Sam’s Club and

Detroit Is The New  Black Tee Blaque Coffee Blog

11. Detroit is the New Black

I couldn’t help but rep for the home team. This retailer makes dope tees, sweatshirts, letterman jackets, and even dresses. I appreciate their line because yes, I’m from Detroit, but also because of the collection’s diversity and wearability. Their pieces are well designed and don’t resemble that of ‘just another tee company’.


I hope this guide helps you shop for the socially conscious, natural, trendy loves in your life and if you know of any other dope brands that I skipped comment and let me know! I’ve still got plenty shopping to do before Christmas!


Be strong. Be haute. Be you.


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