Entertainment or Art? Socially Conscious TV

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We laugh. We cry. We think. We talk, all about that primetime show that had us glued to our televisions, hanging on to their story lines and neglecting our responsibilities. Right?


I will be the first to admit, my life was a better place when cable wasn’t in the budget and I picked up a book before a remote. But my goal isn’t to bash television or those who watch it. I’d merely like to point out the power that it has and to inspire some awareness.

In a world filled with reality tv shows that, despite their Black production and direction teams, flaunt Blacks, Latinos, and the like as stereotypical, belligerent, violent, and uneducated screamers.

No, I’m not condemning all the Love & Hip Hop fans of the world…

(quietly looks into mirror)

But what I am saying is that the media is definitely perpetuating the negative view that this world has of minorities. So, when we watch these shows that have no depth and provoke no reflection or thought within, are we really entertained?

Maybe. Maybe not.

However, I’m happy to report that socially conscious television is making a come back! If you’ve read my posts about celebrities and their power then you know how I feel about Spike Lee  and his effort to incorporate issues that plague the Black community into his films.

Television shows like Scandal, Being Mary Jane (BMJ), and even whole networks like Black&SexyTV that have decided to depict scenes and storylines that directly relate to current hot button issues.

I’m not plugging or promoting BMJ, though the show’s production team is Black owned, but after watching the season finale yesterday, I felt something. I thought about the community, my people, this world, it’s issues, and my part in it all. (I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t watched) but I was made to FEEL. And that, is what I am proposing we seek in our entertainment.

There’s plenty of time to enjoy folly in its proper place, just know that those shows are not the ONLY shows and that there are plenty forms of entertaining art that we can seek to feed our minds, hearts, and culture all at once.

Real art evokes thought. Real art makes you uncomfortable. Right?

Acting is an art form, television shows are a platform. What you choose to support with your ratings, subscriptions, and twitter hashtags is helping to advance an agenda. Whether that agenda advances, or stifles is up to you.

Be strong. Be haute. Be you.



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