Hair & Face Healer: Aloe Vera Juice For Juicy Curls?

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Is aloe vera juice the holy grail product missing in your regimen?

I have tried it in several ways, on my face, in my hair to detangle, in my hair to style, and I’ve come to a conclusion. Here’s the deal, I bought Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ), filled a spray bottle with half aloe vera Β and half tap water and went to town….

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Leave it there! 5 fashion, beauty & hair trends that 2015 can keep

New year, new trends? Gosh do I hope so.

Here’s a list of the top 5 things I beg you beauties to leave behind this year.

double buns half down ariana grande blaque coffee blog

1. Half up half down double buns

Mickey Mouse did not recruit you to join him in the castle. You are not a childhood entertainer. You are an adult, with a job. Or maybe, you’re a student, in high school or college. Either way, please, stop this. Curly, straight, long, short hair-it doesn’t matter. Just stop.

The furthest I suggest taking this look is a top knot with the back down. Maybe, MAYBE, two buns like Mickey if you just must, but please, no more combining the two.

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