Hair & Face Healer: Aloe Vera Juice For Juicy Curls?

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Is aloe vera juice the holy grail product missing in your regimen?

I have tried it in several ways, on my face, in my hair to detangle, in my hair to style, and I’ve come to a conclusion. Here’s the deal, I bought Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ), filled a spray bottle with half aloe vera  and half tap water and went to town….

On my face:

I had some extreme areas of dry skin from using someone else’s acne medication(bad idea). So, to stop the gross peeling look, I wash my face per usual then spray the AVJ before apply my moisturizer. Stopped the peeling after just one day. My face no longer felt dry and it’s even been good at fixing a few acne spots I’d picked with. I haven’t been using it long, but so far, so good!

As a detangler:

I sprayed my hair, which hadn’t been detangled or washed in a little over a week, liberally with AVJ and used my fingers to separate the tangles. My hair was in a semi stretched state but the process went surprisingly well. I’ll be trying this again soon when taking down my protective style but I definitely recommend giving it a go.

As a styler:

After detangling my hair was damp, almost soaked, with AVJ and sealed with coconut oil. I braided my hair into four plaits then went to sleep. I took them down the next day and voila! The result was shiny, non-greasy, soft, well-defined hair.

As a scalp treatment:

Now that I’m trying protective styles and my hair is braided away, I’ve been using the spray bottle to squirt my scalp, stop the itching, and help relieve the tension from my braids.

I haven’t tried all of the remedies yet but below are just a few of the ways AVJ can be beneficial:

  • acne and scar treatment

  • skin and scalp moisture

  • overall skin firmness

  • metabolism and digestion boost

  • builds immune system and supplements nutrition


Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! Especially if you’ve been ingesting it. I’d love to know if those metabolic benefits are true.


Be strong. Be haute. Be you. 


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