Hair & Face Healer: Aloe Vera Juice For Juicy Curls?

aloe vera juice natural hair skin blaque coffee blog

Is aloe vera juice the holy grail product missing in your regimen?

I have tried it in several ways, on my face, in my hair to detangle, in my hair to style, and I’ve come to a conclusion. Here’s the deal, I bought Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ), filled a spray bottle with half aloe vera  and half tap water and went to town….

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Leave it there! 5 fashion, beauty & hair trends that 2015 can keep

New year, new trends? Gosh do I hope so.

Here’s a list of the top 5 things I beg you beauties to leave behind this year.

double buns half down ariana grande blaque coffee blog

1. Half up half down double buns

Mickey Mouse did not recruit you to join him in the castle. You are not a childhood entertainer. You are an adult, with a job. Or maybe, you’re a student, in high school or college. Either way, please, stop this. Curly, straight, long, short hair-it doesn’t matter. Just stop.

The furthest I suggest taking this look is a top knot with the back down. Maybe, MAYBE, two buns like Mickey if you just must, but please, no more combining the two.

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Oh Pore you! How Porosity Affects Your Curls

how porous is my hair porosity test

Pore you! Pore me!

So I am a recovering PJ (product junkie) and ever since I cut my relaxed ends and exposed to totally natural strands three years ago I have been HUNTING for products that make my hair happy.

I know, it sounds weird. But your hair will tell you when it’s not happy!

When first starting my journey I thought that all my product decisions should be based on the hair typing system. No, I don’t mean your mom’s good hair/bad hair stipulations. But after many fruitless product purchases and failed styling attempts I finally learned, curl pattern classification does NOT determine what products will work for you, hair porosity does!

*Cue melodic choir and gleaming light of glory*

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colourpop ultra matte lip color swatch review brown skin

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatch/Review

Hey Beauties! I purchased Limbo, Beeper, and Tulle from Colourpop and wanted to review them for you without any makeup so you could see the true colors on brown skin.

Prep prior to applying the color:

  1. I rub raw shea butter onto my lips to moisturize them then wipe of the excess so they aren’t oily. This helps to stop my lips from feeling or appearing dried out prior to applying the lip color.
  2. Once all the excess shea butter is gone and my lips feel clean but soft, I apply the color. If my lips were still oily the color couldn’t last as long but it will still dry with a matte appearance.
  3. To remove the color, I use oil as shown in the video. I tried using a makeup wipe but wasn’t successful in actually removing the product this way.

I hope this helps!

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Be strong. Be haute. Be you.

Spring Into Fall #ManiMonday

Yes, it’s finally fall.

That means auburn changing trees, chilly winds, and dark vampy colors….right?

I’ve actually been loving the idea of living on the wild side and wearing a few of these spring-like colors even though fall is well under way.  I decided to purchase a few muted, nude, and neutral shades by Essie because I’d heard great things about their brand and after trying all three I can finally let you all know what I think.

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The Secret to Fleeky Curls? Miss Jessie’s Natural Hair Product Reviews

Miss Jessies product review blaque coffee blog

I’ve hit a magical family windfall and since have acquired not one, not two, but THREE new Miss Jessie’s natural hair products!!

Okay, so there was no windfall or great aunt who passed down her pricy hair product collection. But I have acquired a few jars of the ever popular products and am working on a few detailed reviews for you all on exactly how they perform in my twisted, curly, coily head of hair.

The three products that I have are the Curly Meringue, the  Stretch Silkening Creme, and the Curly ButterCreme. These stylers range in price from $32-$38 which is why I’ve never used them. I have however, had experience with a few other Miss Jessie product samples and let’s just say I wasn’t sold based on the results. My first impressions are that though the smells are nice, the ingredients and price tag just don’t seem worth it.

But, for you all, I will test the waters again and come back with a conclusion. The last thing I need in the weeks leading up to my birthday- October 14th 🙂 is greasy, dry, tangled hair! If you have any experience with these products or tips/tricks for using them successfully please comment and let me know or tag me in your results @blaquecoffee using #blaquecoffee.


Be strong. Be haute. Be you.




One Week, One Inch- Super Natural Hair Growth?

superwoman natural blaque coffee blog

No my hair has not grown a cape and magically become a supernatural comic book character. But, I’m hoping to get results as though this were the case.

I’ve been natural for almost four years now and it’s been a great, marvelously frustrating and beautiful adventure of self discovery. It’s easy to allow your hair to consume you when  you’re a naturalista. You can’t even go to the grocery store without wondering if everything from mayonnaise to cooking oils will help you retain length and reach your goal of being the Black Rapunzel.

Well, after plenty hair setbacks, large and small, I’m still discovering what my hair does and does not like. Every day I learn more on how to best care for it to receive the results that I’m looking for. And so, after experimenting with braids, weaves, and wigs as protective styles, using everything under the sun to trap moisture into my old and ashy ends, and taking biotin pills that made me look like a werewolf….I’ve got another trick up my sleeve.

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Quick Fix: Save broken makeup powders


So, I broke my absolute favorite bronzer but couldn’t dare give up that easily. With just a few simple items I was able to save it! It took me maybe 10 minutes start to finish but of course the magic of editing allowed me to show you all in under three minutes! This method works for eyeshadow, blush, and any other broken powder compact. So please watch, enjoy, and hopefully I can help save some of your favorite products too!

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Be strong. Be haute. Be you.