Black Lives Matter: Google It.

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Because art is supposed to make you feel.

I’m sure if you’re reading this article then you’ve seen the piece already on Google’s site today. I saw it from the Google app on my phone during my morning commute and casually thought, wow, that’s dope. I made a mental note to investigate further when I was logged onto my laptop and see where the design came from. Moving on with my the piece began to slip my mind.

Fast forward 7 hours later.

Being the procrastinator that I am, once returning home from work and logging on my computer to start homework, I instead began viewing today’s doodle even more closely. The detail in the design and the different symbols once again grabbed my attention. Subsequently, I clicked the artwork and read an inspiring article about a young, Black, girl, from D.C. who created the piece. She won a national contest with over 100,000 applicants from all over the 53 different U.S. states/territories. I was shocked.

Needless to say, her story inspired me, only a sophomore in high school yet wise beyond her years. I couldn’t help but share. You go Akilah. You Go.

Be strong. Be haute. Be you.